Outplacement Services – for Corporations

It takes an average of 8 – 10 hours for an individual to find a new job and sometimes longer to change a career if education is involved. So our Outplacement Package includes 8 – 10 hours of coaching and a resume package to ensure your former employee moves forward.  We help them to speak respectfully of their former employment situation and bring them hope that their situation will improve.

In a recent outplacement contract with Career Curve, Karae White coached and supported 25 professional candidates who had been out-sourced by a large multi-national company.  All coaching occurred over the phone or via email, as there was no face to face contact, which required a high level of organization to ensure candidates were contacted every 2 weeks and that their unique talents were portrayed in their marketing materials.

Karae obtains a high engagement rate by assisting her candidates to reframe their background, rediscover their expertise and reclaim their career to make smart and rewarding career choices. She delivers honest and sincere advice, works to strengthen the delivery and improving the candidate’s overall marketing message.  She guides her candidates to identify their key skills and accomplishments and with a fresh set of eyes, creates a unique resume presentation.

Caren O’Donnell Director of Training & Quality, Senior Career Coach, Career Curve