Interview Coaching

Interviews are hard. We can give you confidence.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We provide you with:

  1. hundreds of questions to practice with,
  2. feedback on the quality of your answers to those questions,
  3. an understanding of the latest interviewing techniques so you can express yourself clearly,
  4. and we offer mock interview practice with an option of video tape review.

We help you to focus your answers toward what talents and experience you could bring to that new position, so when the pressure is on in an interview you will be able to respond to the best of your ability and not let stress hamper your progress forward.

Thank you for your help. The biggest thing I gained from you was the confidence that I would eventually be successful and the confidence that I possessed the skills and such to be successful. Your help with the interviews was invaluable as shown by the fact that I did so well with both.

Darrin M, Comox

We also firmly believe that you must provide proof of your abilities so you are not seen as bragging.  Providing proof of your skills and abilities is one of the things that will help you stand out from the crowd. So we spend time helping you to understand how your skills transfer from an old job to this potential new position.  That also means wording those experiences so an employer who has never done your job will still understand what skills you bring to their work environment and how beneficial your transferable skills will be to the value of their business.