Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Our job is to record your work history, reflecting your talents, skills, and abilities that will transfer to a new situation.

When done properly, the documents are written in your voice and provide proof of your talents, so it doesn’t sound like you are bragging. 

Think of your resume or your LinkedIn page as the honey that attracts employers.

To help you put your best foot forward, we ask you tons of questions, record your answers, and then in a couple of days we email you a draft copy of your documents. You make the changes, in another colour, and we send you a final copy.

A resume reflects the industry or field you are targeting.  A cover letter is written for a specific position.  All of the documents we write are written in your polished voice so during an interview the employer is hearing the same language they read in your documents. Otherwise employers have a hard time trusting interviewees who documents don’t reflect who they are and trust is the basis of any good relationship.  We like to think of an interview like a first date and so we suggest that you present yourself as professionally as possible.

Our Process

We meet with you and ask you questions for 1.5 – 2 hours.  The answers to the questions are recorded and turned into a resume and cover letter.  That way the resume is written in your voice so when you are asked to interview you match the “voice” on the paper.

We ask that you bring copies of old resumes, job descriptions, references (letters and contact information) and a detailed description of the position you are applying for.  We like to go through the job description line by line and match your skills and experience with what the employer is asking for.

We also like to highlight your strengths and unique talents or experiences that will set you apart from the crowd. So we spend a lot of time getting detailed information so your next employer can understand exactly what skills you have and how they will transfer to their employment situation.

When we write the resume package we consider the key words the employer will be scanning.  We can provide you with a resume package that is done in word, pdf, odt, or txt so you can send it anywhere.