These links help you to determine some pieces of your “career puzzle”.

They are not affiliated with Morgan Ebbett Career Services in anyway. And they should all be free. Please do not pay any online fees.

We do recommend that you take more than one so you will start to see a consistent pattern or set of descriptions about who you are and how you like to work and what you value. Then from there it is easier to match you with jobs that meet those personality traits.

Start with this personality quiz.

Determine your type, then we can discuss which jobs are a good fit for your personality type. This quiz is based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI. The book with detailed descriptions is available at the Morgan Ebbett Career Services library. CLICK HERE

For even more detailed description about MBTI works try this link 

Another MBTI quiz with additional free information

Keirsey Temperment Sorter is a great tool that takes personality traits and assigns them into one of four categories. The categories have consistent traits, famous people who belong to that group and some career information that match with those traits.

This quiz has 9 types and is called an Enneagram Test

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire is great for anyone considering going back to school. You have to provide your name but that is all.

Holland Codes are another great tool for identifying preferences and sorting those into work categories. Take this free quiz and then we can discuss your results and what sort of jobs would be a good fit for you.

A more detailed description of those categories is here 

Here is a more in-depth version of Holland Codes quiz

And here is more explanation

Although this is American, it does do a great job of transferring military experience to civilian terminology and equivalent careers.